VANPRO Electric skateboard DIY 5065 brushless motor supporting 18MMthickbracket 5065 aluminum alloy fixing bracket

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Key Product Features:


1. Note that only round trucks are available in diameter: 18MM, which requires simple grinding of the trucks. If there is no processing capability, DIY products should be purchased with caution!

2. Adapt 5065 motor, motor shaft end plane screw fixing hole spacing: Φ30.0* 30.0,

3. The distance between the center of the trucks and the center of the motor shaft is 62.9MM.

4. Pulley belt perimeter range: 225MM,Recommended Pulley with 48/16 3M circumference 225MM

5. The bracket fixing screw adopts the M6 large screw, which is fixed firmly. If the position is adjusted in place, it is only recommended to use the screw glue.

product data:


SKU: SKU1325
NAME:Electric skateboard 5065 brushless motor aluminum alloy Mount ,thick18MM
Need to protect the Pulley wheel belt can be purchased with a protective cover set
Matching 3M 48/16 teeth, size Pulley wheel!
Only suitable for round Trucks , Cautious purchased,Make sure to machine your skateboard Trucks to 18mm diameter.
Satisfy Long board 7-inch skateboard Trucks ,Small fish plate 4 - inch Trucks ,
double Tilted 5 - inch Trucks ,Satisfy 5065,50series brushless motor 。
adapter motor screw fixing hole pitch: Φ 30.0 * 30.0
Can't Adjustable belt, Pulley wheel center distance 62.9MM
Stent:Aviation aluminum alloy 7075
net weight:115g
Trucks mounting hole diameter: 18MM
width: 60mm
length: 118mm
Motor mounting hole diameter: 5MM
Package Included:
1*Stent 1*3MM L wrench
5*M6 Machine screws
- Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement.
- Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank for your understanding.


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