VANPRO Electric skateboard DIY 5065 brushless motor supporting 18MMthickbracket 5065 aluminum alloy fixing bracket

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1. Note that only round trucks are available in diameter: 18MM, which requires simple grinding of the trucks. If there is no processing capability, DIY products should be purchased with caution!Seagull 7 inch bridge length: 248MM, diameter 63MM length 74MM motor space only meets a single drive single motor, if the motor length is below 65MM can meet the dual drive dual motor, please confirm the size when buying, avoid buying two sets of accessories.

2.Adapt 6374 motor, motor shaft end plane screw fixing hole spacing: Φ40.0* 40.0

3. Please pay attention to confirm whether the PU wheel hole style is suitable, then place an order to purchase!Works with Flywheel wheels Cruiser clones ,diameter:83/90/97/100MM Width: 52MM pu wheel 6rectangular holes wheel.

4. Pulley wheel 36/17 5M HTD belt width 15MM 285MM

5. With protective cover

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SKU: SKU1324
NAME:6374/63 series brushless motor boss type stainless steel MountWith protective cover+8352/9052/9752 Pulley wheel set
Mount boss can into the Pulley wheel (Synchronization wheel inside hollowing outto )shorten the Trucks fixed distance,Only suitable for round Trucks , Cautious purchased,Make sure to machine your skateboard Trucks to 18mm diameter.
63 series brushless motor electric skateboard Mount, adapter motor screw fixing hole pitch: Φ 30.0 * 30.0, Φ40.0* 40.0(Compatible with two fixed hole spacing)
Adjustable belt, fit belt circumference 250-285
Protective cover can protect: diameter 30MM wide 20MM Pulley wheel
Mount structure design fixed hole position can be adjusted motor 4 fixed screw position,
thereby adjusting the size of the belt between the Pulley wheel elastic.
stainless steel + iron , Strong and durable hardness is not deformed
Protective cover:CNC 7075 Aluminium alloy
Pulley wheel:aluminum
net weight:270g
Trucks mounting hole diameter: 18MM
Trucks mounting ring outside diameter: 39MM
width: 63mm length: 134mm
Motor mounting hole diameter: 4MM
Motor shaft opening diameter:11MM
Protective cover:
Weight: 50 g Diameter: 60MM Thickness: 27MM
Width: 45MM Installing screw holes:M3
Pulley wheel:
net weight:255g Size Pulley gear teeth 17MM
5M Pulley wheel: large teeth 36 / small teeth 17
Large Pulley wheel hollowed out inside diameter:46MM
Small sync wheel inner diameter:10MM
Belt:5M perimeter285MM width 15MM


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