Vanpro DIY Electric skateboard63 series (compatible 50)brushless motor Mount(6374/5065 Motor)(Snow black, Pack of 1)

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Key Product Features:


1. LONG skate board

2. 63/50brushless motor

3. motor Mount

4. 80 meters away through the metal shieldhrough the metal shield hrough the

5. 350mah Built-In Battery w/ USB Charging Port Battery w/ USB Chargi


product data:


SKU: SKU1321
NAME:63 series (compatible 50)brushless motor electric skateboard Mount(6374/5065MOTOR)
Mount boss can into the Pulley wheel (Synchronization wheel inside hollowing outto )shorten
the Trucks fixed distance,Only suitable for round Trucks , Cautious purchased,
Make sure to machine your skateboard Trucks to 18mm diameter.
50,63 series brushless motor electric skateboard Mount, adapter motor screw fixing hole pitch: Φ 30.0 * 30.0, Φ40.0* 40.0(Compatible with two fixed hole spacing)
Adjustable belt, fit belt circumference 250-285
Mount structure design fixed hole position can be adjusted motor 4 fixed screw position,
thereby adjusting the size of the belt between the Pulley wheel elastic.
stainless steel + iron , Strong and durable hardness is not deformed
net weight:250g
Trucks mounting hole diameter: 18MM
Trucks mounting ring outside diameter: 39MM
width: 63mm
length: 134mm
Motor mounting hole diameter: 4MM
Motor shaft opening diameter:11MM
Package Included:
1XStent 1X2.5MM L wrench
2X M4 A pair of screws 5XM6 Machine screws
- Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement.
- Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank for your understanding.


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