Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Orangatang Kegel 80MM Pulleys Belt 5M 10MM 270MM (Snow Black, Pack of 2)

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Key Product Features:


1. model:HTD 5M perimeter 270MM width 10MM

2. Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass

3. DIY Electric Skateboard Kit Pulleys Belt

4. pulleys wheel 36/12 1/3

5. VANPRO pulleys wheel KIT dedicated


product data:


SKU: SKU1029
NAME:Belt 5M 270 10MM
Product features Fiberglass Tensile Cord - High dimensional stability and maximum
flexibility engineered and tested for highly wear resistant performance; Nylon Tooth
Cover - Durability and wear resistance, increased power capacity; Oil, heat and
ozone resistance; high tooth shear resistance; Compound - Chloroprene Rubber;
Cord - Fiberglass; Tooth Cover - Nylon Timing belt iEfficient transmission, low noise,
oil resistance, fatigue, inflexible, non-stretch, high wear-resistant Product
description HTD 5M Timing Belt 5M-270-10
Specs: Type: 5M-270-10
Length:270mm Belt Width: 10MM
Model number: HTD270-5M

Pitch: 5mm (0.197")
Belt height:: 3.81mm(0.15")
Tooth height:: 2.08mm(0.082")
Material: Neoprene Rubber with Fiberglass
Packing Includes:
2 X belt 5M-270-10
One weight: 10 grams


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