VANPRO DIY Electric skateboard 9052pu wheel Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill Longboard,Wheels Flywheels + ABEC 7 Precision Bearings Cored Classics WHEEL set of 4

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Key Product Features:


1. 90mm x 52mm (Set of 4)

2. Set of Eight (8) ABEC 7 Bearings

3. Set of Four (4) 8mm x 10mm Bearing Spacers

4. Wheels Hardness: 78a

5. For Longboard Cruiser Wheels


product data:


SKU: SKU1310 part number:H-LZ9052
NAME:Electric skateboard9052pu wheel
Diameter:90MM Width: 52MM
Weight: 297g (one)
90mm x 52mm Flywheels (Set of 4)
Set of Eight (8) Precision ABEC 7 Bearings
Set of Four (4) 8mm x 10mm Bearing Spacers
Wheels Hardness: 78a
For Longboard Cruiser Wheels


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